A Letter From Kristie

HI! … And although you don’t know me ( not yet anyway), I really feel like I just might know you. So let me formally introduce myself. My name is Kristie. I’m a mom, a daughter, a sister, a friend. I struggle, I fail, I succeed, I win. I am present, and I want to present for you. This blog started years ago, when I started on an unexpected journey as a widow. I had no way to express my feelings, and I was sick of crying. It became a mode of therapy for me. Then, I found out, it became a mode of therapy for you, too. I was super active for awhile, quiet for a while, and then began to shy away. Now, we are back in full force, and ready to change the world.

I started the Princess Prophecies blog on Blogger after becoming a widow at 32. I’m not even kidding. I became an avid blogger from being a widow. Who would have thought, right? In August of 2020 – I had to change the name. Now, It’s brazen. Why Brazen? Because I’m brazen, and I bet you are too, if you are here. So don’t apologize for it – and let’s be proud of it together.

When I became a widow, I searched online for so much help, guidance, and just some answers. I wanted answers to questions that I didn’t know. I found a ton of information about how to carry on in your senior years, etc. – but nothing about how to explain to a toddler one day that, “You do have a daddy, he just lives in heaven.” And all the questions that come with that.

I am also a Christian, and I love Jesus with my whole heart, soul, and spirit. But I couldn’t find anything that would mesh my sad heart, my faith, fun things, how to parent and screw it up openly, and something to make me feel not alone – all rolled up into one. I mean, somedays, I wanted to cry and just scream “THIS ISN’T FAIR!” and then some days, I just wanted to know how to put a cute outfit together. Just because you are widow doesn’t mean that you have to mourn every second of every day. It just wasn’t out there, so I started to create the content myself. I am thrilled to let you know, I am living life to the fullest and I am just getting started!