So, Shaun used to always say to me, “You are Beautiful.. with two big L’s…” 
And as most women would reply to their spouse, I would say he was sweet – I love him – and then rattle all the things off that I would like to repair with diet, exercise or plastic surgery.
He would roll his eyes, and say, “That’s stupid.”  And guess what?  He was right.  He loved me how I am.  It wasn’t just my physical appearance that he was referring to – it was my heart and my love for him.  He knew something that I didn’t until this week.  He saw my heart.. what made me  – well, me.  And he loved it.  And Shaun was beautiful – a gorgeous man.  Thought so the second I met him.  But when I look back on old pics, he looks kinda funny to me.  Not the same.  Because his heart wasn’t the same.  So when someone tells you that you are beautiful – say Thank You… they might see something there that you can’t.

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