What a mighty feeling…

I’m sitting on the couch, snuggling with Jacoby.  My heart literally aches inside my chest to know how he will never personally know Shaun.  He will never see, first hand, the amount of compassion, caring, and dedication Shaun gave.  He will never know how he loved to blast the radio and dance with him.  He will never know just how much Shaun sacrificially loved him.  Albeit, I will always tell him so – it’s not going to be something he experiences firsthand.

But, then I think about God’s love for us.  And I realize, he will know.  He will understand.  He will love and miss you.  But it’s only going to be for a little “blip” of time that we are here on this earth – and then you will have eternity together.  Praising God, loving each other, which is all Shaun ever wanted anyway.  That was his purpose here – to prep us and others for eternity.  Shaun struggled, had questions, he was human.  But he researched the answers.  He delved into his faith – took the bull by the horns.  He was going to make his family understand, and he did.  He showed me the urgency.  He showed me the patience to persevere.

I spoke with my Pastor and his assistant yesterday, and the were so comforting and helpful.  And I realized something as they talked to me – their heart broke for me but they also lost a friend.

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