I saw the sign… and it opened up my eyes – I saw the sign…

Life is demanding, without understanding….I saw the sign it opened up my eyes – I saw the sign.  No one’s gonna drag you up to get into the light where you belong….
Yup, I did.  I just started my blog off with a little bit of Ace of Base… It made me chuckle, so anything I can do to get one of those these days – I am.  But there is a reason I typed it, and it’s about my day.  I have prayed and read the Bible more in the past four weeks than I have ever in my life.  And I have prayed for a sign from God – if Shaun was okay – that he was happy.  And today I believe I got one.  And it was booming in my ears.  And here’s the weird thing.  Or neat, as my brother in law would say – I could actually hear the blood rushing through my ears when it happened.  I am not going to get into the details as to what it was – if you know me and wanna call and ask – feel free.  It’s just way to much to type – and I am honestly scared that if I type it – it will sound crazy – because I don’t know the words to describe it.  Anyway, I digress. 
I have felt emotions throughout this ordeal, that there isn’t even words invented yet to describe them.  And today was another one of those feelings.  I talked to a friend of mine from church, and I think I gave her every adjective known to man – and they were all short of the feeling I had.  None of them did it justice.  But I know God has the words for them – and he is probably laughing as a type right now.
I want to say this, if I may be so bold – Get your heart in order.  Christ saved my husband – and me – I know that.  And although he allowed this to happen – I almost feel closer to Shaun than ever – and I am understanding the magnitude of God’s love.  Let me rephrase that – I am understanding, that I will never be able to understand the magnitude of God’s love.  And to be loved on this earth, as I was by Shaun, and to be loved by God like I am – I am one blessed person.  Thanks guys for reading my rants.  I love everyone of you – more than you could know… and to quote Shaun, “Whoever needs this – I love you – God loves you – And I am praying for you.”

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