A Glimpse of Happiness…

So, I definitely had the best day that I have had since Shaun died.  His testimony was played at church, and it was fantastic.  Josh Lazzar is an amazing creative arts pastor – and I am thankful that God has blessed our church staff such amazing talent.  It’s inspiring.  But here is a little bit about my day.  I was surrounded – and I mean surrounded – by my friends and church family at church this morning.  All eager to hear God’s word, and see Shaun’s testimony.  (Pete, Kelly, Brooke, and Jesse – you guys mean the world to me.)  But also, Natalie, Megan, Jake, and Baby Jake were there.  For those of you who don’t know – that’s Shaun’s 10 year old daughter, her mom, stepdad, and baby brother.  It melted and warmed my heart – that they are all such amazing people – that they drove from Maryland, to stand by me and support me this morning.  We went to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch – a party of twelve.  We ate, talked, laughed, and told stories about Shaun.  After lunch, Natalie got initiated into the “Tom’s” Club (the shoes – http://www.toms.com if you don’t know what I am talking about).  Then we went to Charming Charlie, my favorite store ever, and just walked around and looked at pretty jewelry.  We came home – relaxed – kids played – and sat around and talked.
Today I felt closer to Shaun ever.  I think he was proud of the video.  I know he was happy to see all the support that our friends and family gave me.  I know he his happy that more people when turn their lives to God, and he will get to see them in heaven.  So thank you everyone who made this day possible…I love you all so much.  Praise God for all his blessings – even in this tragedy.

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