80’s Fever…

So, tonight was the Volunteer Bash at Lifepoint Church.  Eighties theme.  I dressed up and went.  I was torn about going all week, up until we were in the car.  I wanted to get dressed up in 80’s Garb – who doesn’t.  But, I didn’t want to go without Shaun.  We had big plans as to what our costumes were gonna be – he loved that church and he loved volunteering – and he loved the party.  I really didn’t want to go without him.  But I had two very sweet and special ladies go along with me.  Supporting me the whole way.  And I am so thankful for them.
Krissie wanted me to do karaoke with her – and yes, there was a karaoke contest.  (What can I say, our church is quite awesome.)  I am not one who would normally dress up in an Iron Maiden T-shirt and sing, but tonight I did.  Not only did we sing, we sang loud, and we danced.  And Shaun is what gave me the courage to do it.  Since he has died, I have found a new strength, a new voice, that I never knew I had.  I will not live my life in fear, as to what people might think, might say.  I will have fun.  I will say whatever needs to be said.  If someone needs to get to church – I will tell them.  I will say what I believe and know that Shaun is behind me 100%.  I know that if Shaun was looking down tonight, he was proud of me.  Proud of me for going.  Proud of me for doing something fun.  But most of all – proud of me for karaoke.  He would have done it.  But, I don’t think he coulda done it like Krissie and I – we were rockin’ some Madonna’s Material Girl.  And, just so you know, we won the karaoke contest.  Our Prize?  I will tell you.  Two tickets to American Idol at the Verizon Center…. guess Shaun might have to frequent that trip too.  Love you all – Goodnight….

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