A Sweet New Friend, that was once only a name….

So, tonight was a therapeutic night.  I met a really sweet and cool guy.  He is a photographer for the Free-Lance Star here (our newspaper here in Fredericksburg).  And he came to my house tonight take some pictures for the newspaper.  And let me just tell you – what a sweet man he is.  We sat and just talked.  He let me tell him all about Shaun.  Everything.  And we talked about eternity.  The planets.  Galaxies.  How “big” we think our little world is, but how small it is in comparison.  I knew of Reza for a long time.  You see, when I started my little photography business on the side, I named it Reza Photography.  My daughter, Isabella, was going to be named Reza if she was a boy.  Unbeknown est to me, there was an amazing photographer who worked at the the newspaper with the same name.  Go figure.  I thought I was being an original with that name. Frankly, I was kinda annoyed when I saw it in the newspaper – under a gorgeous picture.  And not annoyed at him, but that I lost my own originality, or so I thought.  I can be a true nerd.  The name “Reza” is Isabella’s dad’s middle name, that’s where I got it from.  I always thought it sounded cool and powerful.
So today, I met a great man.  He made me feel 100% comfortable and at ease.  And I felt so open talking to him.  I really feel like he knew and genuinely cared about the pain I was going through.  He walked into my house tonight, as a complete (well almost complete) stranger.  And when he left, I feel like I made a lifelong friend.  And for anyone who is experiencing a loss in your life, here’s a piece of advice – at least it worked for me.  There is nothing more beautiful, more powerful, and more soothing – than telling someone about the love you lost.  Being able to describe them in detail, the way you remember, and try to paint a picture for them of who they actually were.  Because, they have no predispositions of you – not at all, and none of them.  But, my caution is this  – I was blessed to be able to a person who genuinely wanted to hear.  And was open.  He shared with me parts of his life.  So, tonight, I say thank you to Reza Marvashti.  Thank you for being awesome at what you do – and thank you for allowing me to be me.  Tonight, I will go to bed with a smile, because I know, that another person in this world, knows what an amazing man Shaun was.  And I know, he wishes he got to know him.  And, I bet – they would have been good friends.  I guess I will have to introduce them when we all get to heaven.

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