Another Angel in Heaven…Miss you Mom Mom Nancy Dixon!

I had a hard time deciding what to write about tonight.  There are too many different ways that I could go.  But I have a heavy heart, because tonight, another beautiful person got to see the face of our Savior.  So, I want to take tonight just to remember her for a few minutes, and maybe introduce you to a fantastic lady you never got to meet.  Mom- Mom Nancy was a sweet and fantastic lady.  She was spunky, funny, could cook some awesome food, all straight from Glen Burnie, Maryland.  From the day that I bought the house beside her daughter and her family – she was open and friendly.  Always made me feel welcome, and when I had some rough times, she would come sit on my porch and talk to me. She was a great mom, wife, and grandmother.  My kids adored her, too. 
She had suffered a long and hard sickness, and I know that she is now no longer in pain.  And I would dare to bed, that Shaun was standing there waiting on her when she got to heaven.  He probably told her, “I’ve been waiting on you gorgeous.  What took you so long?”  And then envelop her a big bear hug.  Tonight my heart aches for Kelly, Pete, and the kids.  My my heart also rejoices for Nancy.  I am so happy for her tonight.  But I know what lays in store for her family.  Spontaneous crying, hours of sadness, and always the never ending questions.  I would give anything to be able to take their pain away, although I know I can’t.  So, tonight with a heavy heart, I ask all of you to send a prayer for Kelly and her family.  I know firsthand that they are going to need them.  And Mom-Mom, I hope you know how much I love you.  Take care of Shaun up there, and keep him in line… I know you will.  Till we meet again… I’ll miss you.

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