Make up and Mod Cuts…

So I am sitting in Ulta waiting to get my hair did. Yes. I said did. But here is the most amazing thing. One of the women here remembered Shaun. She remembered him from when he brought sweet Bella here for a haircut. And I get the question, “How’s your husband- he just loves you so much- I feel like I know you from all he talked about you. We haven’t seen him for a long time… You tell him to come back in here!”  And I had to tell her he died. I felt so sorry for her. She sat down in shock. I hugged her, and I felt so sad. She hadn’t known. You could tell that she felt horrible for asking. But when she asked about him, she gave me the biggest gift ever. She, a stranger to me, told me how much my husband loved me. Because he told her. He told her such sweet stories about me. Things I didn’t even think he noticed. And now I know he did. So maybe, today when I got a hair up my hiny to redo my do’,  it was for this. Because I got another affirmation that what Shaun and I have is special. And death can’t change that. He took my heart, well, I  gave it to him. And he always gets to keep it. I love you baby. Heart and Soul. 

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