Boy, I love shoes.

So, if you know me – you know I love shoes.  And not just any shoes, that have to be super cool – super high – and a bit of the beaten track.  The shoes have to make the outfit.  And tonight, I have been looking for purple heels – to wear with my Ravens gear.  And although I have found a zillion pairs of purple heels – I haven’t found “the” pair.  I found another pair – which are fabulous – but still not the purple ones.  And as I am picking through these zillions of pairs of shoes online, I started laughing.  First, if you knew Shaun – he was as much of shoe hound as I am.  So he respected my love for shoes – and never complained about it – he actually encouraged it.  I am not a girl who wants flowers, candy, roses, etc.  I like shoes – so that’s what he did.
But then I could hear him in my head saying, “Pick one.  There are a ton out there.  Just Pick one.  You are being too picky.  Get one, and if you don’t like it – return it.”  And, my answer still, as it was then – is No.  I am going to wait – until I find the perfect pair of Purple pumps.  And now, It will make me laugh a little more as I search.  And I bet when I find the perfect pair – he would loved them.  That’s the way that normally went. I love you Shaun!

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