Heart and "Soul"….

So, I had a great day.  I got a new car!  Woo hoo!  Today I got a Kia Soul – and I am so excited!  Shaun and I both loved those cars for me.  And now, I am a proud owner of a car with only 30 miles on it.  I have been completely blessed.  I can now travel and not worry if my car is gonna blow… Which is one fantastic feeling.  I am pretty sure – Shaun is looking down and smiling at me.  He’d be so happy.

And I went by Jacqueline’s house to show her my car – and she pointed to the name.  The “Soul”.  And she said, “That fits you – all you need is a heart before the name.  And it made me smile.  Heart and Soul.  That’s me.  Through and through.


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