A big bowl of noodle.

So, tonight, I was blessed again.  I got to talk to an old and dear friend – and well, she’s fantastic.  She was making cookies in her kitchen, and we just chatted about old times.  She knew me when Shaun and I first met – and the day after I met him, I drug her to UNO’s to scope him out.  Her and her husband helped me and Shaun so much.  Not only with their friendship, but anyway possible.  When I was pregnant with Jacoby, she brought me a gazillion boxes of diapers.  I don’t think Shaun and I purchased diapers until Jacoby was 6 months old.  She has always been someone I could talk to – and she would be straight up.  We have been through a lot together over the past five years.  And I am so thankful that she is a part of my life.  Just another person who helped make me who I am today.
And I am so proud of her – she has started her own business here in Fredericksburg, doing what she loves.  (Her and her husband already had one, but she isn’t one who slows easily.)  So, now – they are multi business owners and doing amazing.  And it makes me smile.  She is a good wife, a good momma, and a smart business lady – and I love her for that.  And, I know, no matter what – she will be successful in all she does.  She used to call Shaun “pinky”, and he called her “the brain”.  Then, it switched to big bowl of noodle.  So, in my days of learning to be content, I am more than content.  I am grateful.  Grateful, because tonight, I realized again how blessed I have been in my life.  I have had the honor of knowing this beautiful lady.  And she will always be my big bowl of noodle.  And I will always love her dearly.

Check out her cakes and such… They are quite fantastic – and she is here in the Fredericksburg area….

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