Wow, I can’t stand a creeper.

Me and Krissie have a word that we use for certain guys.  And the term is “creeper”.  A creeper is a broad word, that covers many categories.  The perverts, the married, the faker, the literal creepy guy, you get where I am going with this.  But, my friend is single.  And she isn’t looking for a boyfriend, a husband, nothing like that – but she is open also.  Open to like coffee, dinner, etc.  Now this isn’t a singles ad for her – so don’t make it one, LOL…  But she said something to me tonight, that made me sad/thankful.  And it was this, “It is really hard to keep faith in men these days.  I guess that’s why I am not even worried about it.”  And she then tells me about a few acquaintances that almost brag about their infidelity to their spouses.  She sees it at every corner.  And then, in like 9 days – she has literally been approached by quite a few married men.  And it’s weird.   And not only does she not date married men – but it offends her – as it would any of us.  Because what is that saying about you, the woman, if a man has no problem alerting you that they are married, but still want a date?  And let’s not get this twisted, they aren’t just married – they are “happily” married.  Like not divorcing, not separated, just well, dating?  That’s just weird, so by default, you are now a creeper.  See how it works?  It’s like they want a wife and a girlfriend. Like it’s a fashion trend or something. That’s just rude.  And greedy.  And well, degrading to the  person you ask out.  And her friend, because she is codependent.  That’s how we roll.

So here is the question that I pose?  When did this become so mainstream?  When did people openly flaunt such an action?  I don’t get it.  I am not trying to judge anyone, I am just posing a question.  And, it breaks my heart for my dear friend.  She deserves a man of her own.  A man that will love her, protect her,  lead her home, provide for her, and be a partner in life with her.   Where did that mentality go?  I want her to have what  I had.  And Shaun and I weren’t perfect – by any means – but we were happy together.  I just don’t get people.  I really don’t.  And maybe, sometimes, I don’t want to understand – I’m starting to think that too.

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