So, this weekend, I had to make a road trip to Tennessee.  Krissie, myself, and the kiddos went to Tennessee for my grandmother’s 100th birthday celebration.  And it was amazing.  I can’t imagine all that she has seen.  As I walked up to her, and looked at her, it was kind of overwhelming to think about all that this one person has seen in her life.  And all the pain, struggles, trials, happiness, and joyous moments she has went through.  She lost her husband 30 years ago.  She has lost a child.  She has lost all her siblings.  She has seen her child lose a spouse.  She has witnessed births of her own children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and great great grandchildren.  And that is amazing.  And she sat there, and laughed, and talked, and celebrated along with everyone else.  
She is almost blind, and is a little hard of hearing.  Her memory isn’t as good as it used to be – but she still has it.  She lives alone.  My mom and aunts check on her regularly – but she is capable of living alone.  And this is the first time I saw her since Shaun died.  And she hugged me and cried.  And she told me she was so sorry – and that she loved him – and how much she loved me.  And she hugged me different than she have had.  She knows that I have hurt immensely.  And she also knows that I will get through it because I have to.  Just like she did.  So tonight, thank God for my mamaw.  And that she touches more people in her life – just like she did mine.  I love you, Mamaw.

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