Facebook is absolutely AHHHMAAAZING….

I love Facebook.  I absolutely do.  Tonight, I saw a post from one of my friends, and it was my thoughts – but put into words.  Here it is…. :
  •             “When it hurts to look back, and you’re scared to look ahead, you can look beside you and your best of friends will be there. Tonight I am thankful for my friends who have stuck by me..thick and thin…..and always loved me no matter what. Lord knows no one is perfect, especially me, but Im thankful my friends think Im perfect just the way I am, and take the good with the bad. ♥”

And isn’t that the best thing ever – absolutely ever!  To have people who don’t have to love you – and they do it anyway.  They are there for you no matter what.  No matter if you are happy, sad, mean, angry, bad hair, you name it.  I have three women in my life, that we refer to each other as “sister wives”… And no, we aren’t polygamists.  But, if you get one of us – you get us all of us.  Because we are that close.  We love each other intensely.  We have laughed, cried, screamed, you name it.  But years later – we are still together.  They make my insides feel all melty, just because they are so precious.  Shaun loved these women like they were his own sisters.  He gave us our girl time… he would even cater to it.  He would encourage it.  Because he knew that it was a bond that not all people are fortunate enough to have.
So tonight, I am once again blessed and thankful.  Thankful that God has given me this adventuresome life.  That he has placed absolutely amazing people in it.  And that he has given me three beautiful women, to walk with me through it – just by choice.  No requirements.  I love you ladies. With all my heart.  And thanks for being there for me these past 4 and half months, and always.  And stay there – cause I will always need you and want you.  I love you guys.

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  1. Baby girl…your such a great example of what true love is….Not just with Shaun, but life in general. God has given you a gift to share that affects so many people…I just don't think you realize…Some days I read your blog and have so many emotions..from laughter to tears, you make people feel. Slow down…enjoy life, and re-think what's important..and what's important is the people we care about…and that's really about it…the rest..just doesn't really matter. love you girl.


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