A lot of things that have been on my mind…. Happy Thanksgiving…

Thanksgiving is Stupid.  A lot of my close friends will laugh about that because how often I have said it lately.  And I don’t really and truly mean it.  I mean it in the  pity party kind of way.  But today, I saw the joy on my coworkers faces – excited about a day off – excited to see family – and it made me happy for them.  So, I started to think about the things that I am truly thankful for.  And I think it’s cute – they way a lot of folks have been putting things that they are thankful for the whole month of November.  And I have seen a lot – from post it’s, pens, hoodies, children, love, and my fav – God’s Love.  Then, I saw a snide comment – where someone made fun of the whole thing for someone being thankful for something that they see as trivial.  Here is my thought on that – nothing in this world is trivial if someone is thankful for it.  It’s awesome to be thankful for the little things – because sometimes, in situations like mine, the little things are the ones that I can easily recognize.  Such as pens – I am thankful for pens – I really am.  If it wasn’t for pens, how would I do my work?  How would I write on post-it’s to make someone smile?  How would I be able to write down a random memory quickly – so I know I will never forget it again?  See what I mean?  It’s more than a pen to me – it’s a way to preserve memories.  It’s a way to provide support for my family.  A way to bring a smile to someone. All in a little plastic case.

So, I decided to list a few things – share a few things about my hubby – so everyone can see how thankful I am to have had him.  So here we go.
1. He always kissed my temple anytime I was standing near him.  Right at my hairline.
2. The way he would alternate JOOP! and Guess Cologne (and sometimes mix it up with the one that looks like it’s in a cigar bottle).  And he always smelled delicious.
3.  He was incredibly sexy.  Tattoos, ears pierced, and tough.  But inside, the kindest spirit I have ever known.  He would do anything for anyone.
4.  The man could dance.  Amazingly.  He took me dancing.  And when I got tired, he would pick me up(which isn’t a small feat), and carry me.
5.  We were a yin and  yang.  Completely opposites, but totally the same.  Literally like my other half.
6.  The he loved music.  All types – but would try to act hard core when we first met – only listening to “gangsta rap” – then come to find out – he liked it all.
7.  To go with that one, the way he always got an inner city accent the second we rolled into Baltimore.  Without fail.  Always.  And it would crack me up – so, I decided I would get one, too.  And then he would tell me how ridiculous I sounded – and I still say – MY POINT EXACTLY SHAUN!!! (And he would grin, kiss me, and keep talking like that.)
8.  He loved some football – and so did I – and we had a blast with it.
9.  We used to sit in the garage, while Jacoby was napping on Sunday afternoons, and talk about the sermon from that day.
10.  The way he always had us pray before we ate.  Even if we were in the car – he’d reach around so we all had to hold hands.
11.  He had an addiction to craigslist.  It was hilarious.
12.  He had a hairy chest.  And it was gorgeous.  And I love it.
13.  The way it rocked my world the way he sounded when he told me he loved me the first time, and I knew  he meant it.
14.  He scratched my back almost every night when I went to bed.  Just to help me sleep.
15.  He would be offended if I gave him a peck.  He expected a real kiss every time.
16.  He loved playing scrabble – and beating me – which he always beat me in scrabble.
17.  How he cackled when I painted one wall in the closet purple – and hugged me  – informed me I was crazy, and said that’s why he loved me.  Didn’t get mad – just laughed.
18.  How he got so mad and Madden – the video game.
19.  The way he made my heart feel like it would beat out of my chest when I saw him.
20.  Easter sunday this year – he had on a black sweater vest,  plaid shirt, a skinny tie – aviator sunglasses – and Nike high tops that were black and white.  I was volunteering, and he walked in – and I thought, “Wow – that guy is gorgeous! ” Then I realized it was my husband, and I was so  proud – and I ran and told him. And he said, “Why you looking at other guys and thinking they are cute?” – he said it playfully.  I told him, “I tried too, and it still ended up being you – ”  And then his response? “Good save baby, I got nothing on that – and you are quite gorgeous yourself” – and he leaned down and kissed me. (And he smelled like JOOP! that day.)
21.  They way he loved my kids just as much as his.  And would have died for them in an instant.
22.  They way he made me feel safe and secure.  They way he showed me what love was.  They way he lead me and the kids.  His love for God.

I feel him everywhere.  There is always a side of my bed that’s empty.  A chair that’s empty.  I don’t want to miss a moment with him.  It hurts because I am.  He gave my life direction.  I believed in him, still do.  And he always blew my mind with his capabilities.   He made me feel like I could conquer the world.  I was, for the first time, completely and truly myself with another person. I am so happy and proud, that the world got to see that he picked me.  That’s the biggest honor that I have ever been given.  He’s my angel now – but always the love of my life, and always my husband.  


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