I am offically okay with my horse laugh.

Yesterday, one of my friends and I, went to Epcot.  I know, I know – it’s completely awesome to live in a place where most people vacation.  That being said – through my Facebook, Instagram, and twitter – I posted pics of the fun of our day.  When I got home, I kept posting some pics – because I am a “sharer”.  Well, I should say a “sharer of photos”.  I love it seeing pics of my friends and family, their trips, ballgames, all of it.  Just to see what they are doing in their lives and seeing the happy moments.  Especially living far away from everyone I grew up with – I find it a huge blessing that I get to easily keep in contact, and when I see them again, it is like we never left.

I tell you that to say this.  I was straight laughing last night going through our pics from the day.  Here is what I learned – I have a few “Photo Faces”.  Here they are in no particular order: 1.Standard Smile 2. Mouth wide open (why I do this I have no idea) 3. Over-exaggerated duck face (Cause that is funny) 4.Or a combo of one of the above faces and laughing.  That’s it.  That’s all.  But here is what I think is funny.  Most of the pics, were just laughing.  My friend looks beautiful, and I have a horse laugh going on. So we were texting back and forth about it last night, and she said, “Those are my favorites.  They are genuine.  They are you.”

Well that made me so happy, that she sees me that way.  Soooo.  I posted the horse laughing pics.  Because she is right. Who cares if I look like a dork that’s laughing – I am a laughing dork.  So there we have it.  But then, as I continued to scroll my Facebook feed – I saw something that in all actuality made me sad.  It’s the photos of women in my age bracket, posting ‘sexy’ photos on social media.  I am not talking like naked, dirty pics, not at all.  But you know what I am talking about – the over filtered, seductive pout, in random areas of their lives.  And I thought…. WHY?  Because first of all, I know you in real life.  You don’t look like that.  At all.  And let’s not get it twisted, I love filters.  Filters can be makeup when you have none on – not judging.  Just making an observation – that when you post ‘the seductive selfie’ – who in the world are you trying to seduce on Facebook?  Like for real. Because either you are taken, or not.  But here is what I know.  I don’t think any man, husband, boyfriend, or potential – would want their lady trying to be seductive in a public forum.  And if they would…. well think about your choices.  So I say this to make you think.

Your smile is beautiful.  Your laugh is gorgeous.  Be okay with that.  Save your ‘sexy faces’, for those that deserve to see it.  Don’t put it out there for the whole world to see.  And our daughters are looking up to us. Let’s show them that their smile and laughter is fantastic.  Because that is who they are.

And please know, I am not here throwing stones for anyone who has ever posted the ‘sexy face’ pic.  And high-five for being able to nail it on que.  I am just saying – love your self more, than feeling like you need everyone to tell you how sexy and perfect you are – and be happy with your horse laugh.  It took me a long time to get to this spot.  And it feels fantastic.

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