Five hundred, twenty-five thousand, six hundred minutes.

Yes. Those are lyrics from “Seasons of Love”. Which is from the musical, Rent. The reason I picked that title, is because ….. I AM GONNA TALK ABOUT MY RENTAL HOUSE! And by rental house, I mean the house that I am a tenant in. Not a property I own. Currently, in my life right now, I am renting. One day, I would love to be a home owner again. But right now – and to be honest, the next two years, I am going to be renting. And here is why I say this. My kids are what I live for. Completely. And it is so important to my daughter, to stay in her school district. She is a sophomore in high school, and I don’t blame her one bit – I wouldn’t want to switch schools then either. So, after research, looking at how the prices keep going up in my area, I decided to stay put. I re-signed the lease, with the resolve that this place I have been living in for the past two years, was now going to be my home for the next two, God willing.

And if you follow me on any social media – you know I just had some issues with my house. It flooded. And it was awful. And to be honest, it was still in some sort of disarray. I didn’t feel good when I walked into my house. I didn’t feel good when I drove up. I didn’t feel bad, per se. It just wasn’t the excitement of being “home”. So, I was talking to one of my friends, and he said – “You have never made that place – YOU. That’s what’s wrong. ” Well, I then informed him how I didn’t want to waste money on a rental, with paint and what not. I didn’t even know if I could paint or not. And all the reasons I couldn’t make it better. He looked at me and nodded, and said – “Sorry, but I was going to be somewhere for two years, I think I would spend my money on some stuff to make it a little more homey. I didn’t say knock down walls.” So, I thought about it and took his advice. I contacted my property managment company, and they said I could paint. They gave me exterior guides for the door (HOA Rules, not theirs) and advised that I can paint the inside, but if it’s beyond neutral they may request that I return it to the original color. Ok. Cool. So, I decided that I didn’t want to look back at pictures years down the road, and regret not making it more homey.

So, first thing – I decided to paint my front door. I wanted it to be happy, and cheery. I searched color after color, trying to find the perfect shade. I searched Pinterest, HGTV, DIY Network, home listings – and then I decided on a shade. Coral. It was perfect. Bright, cheery, and very, well – perfect. So off to Lowe’s I go! I picked the color called “Coral Reef”. Not knowing what in the world I needed, (like there are a zillion different types of paint) I ask the paint guy. He walked me through it, made his recommendations, and then we were mixing up a quart of ‘coral reef’! And I was super pumped. Two of my three kiddos were with me, and they both approved, too! We got some rollers, 3M painters tape, and some brushes, and we were off!

The next morning, we got up. We taped off the door. And two hours later…..

THE CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I had to find an old picture for my before, because I didn’t think to take one. LOL!

Stop the applause… stop the applause. I know it’s amazing. LOL! But seriously, the difference it made in my soul, was that was the amazing thing. And then I realized, that I had some work to do. So, I do what any good OCD/obsessive/journaling/blogging/ person does. I get out my “The 5 Second Journal” – and I made my list. My list was of the things that really bothered me about my rental. Because my number one, was the front door – because I hated seeing it when I pulled up. Check. Fixed. Here’s the way the rest went.

  1. Front Door
  2. Flooring
  3. Downstairs bathroom/ My Bathroom
  4. Kitchen Window
  5. My steps. Disgusting.
  6. Kitchen table
  7. Disarray of dining room (still was off kilter from the flood)
  8. I needed towels.
  9. Not enough art in my house.

So, I got my list. I evaluated my list. And here is what I determined for each item. And being the obsessed, OCD type. Here we go. And what I added, was $$$. Because let’s be honest. That’ is going to affect it big time. First, how much can I afford, will it affect my deposit, how much will it take to reverse it, cost benefit analysis.

  1. Front Door – Done. $27.00-ish
  2. Flooring – Deal with it. $5,000,000.00 (might as well be.. LOL!)
  3. Downstairs bathroom (I’d spend $30.00, maybe. Paint? I dunno) My Bathroom ($50.00 – new shower curtain/rug/trash can/ rearrange)
  4. Kitchen window (I just need curtains. I can make them. And a tension rod. $15.00)
  5. Steps. The rental company never cleaned the carpet when I moved in two years ago. It was wreck honestly. I was able to clean well the upstairs carpet. The steps.. just never seemed pristine. So, I called Stanley Steemer. $80.00. Booked the appointment.
  6. Kitchen table. I bought the table I have now, last year. It is circular/metal/wood and totally modern. It looked so cool. Eat at a spinning table with a nine year old. -_- Bad purchasing decision on my part. ($300-$600)
  7. Disarray in dining room. Free.
  8. Towels. Not really an option. I mean, I am not gonna drown getting out of the shower, but I seriously need towels.
  9. I make art. For myself. I enjoy doing it. I enjoy looking at. Hang it up. Free.

So, Now that i have my list together. I can start tackling. Subscribe to my blog, to see the next revamping adventures I do – good ones and failures…. If you haven’t yet… Follow me on Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram for some more positive info, laughs, and maybe we can help each other! I’m grateful for you!

Namaste and Sat Nam! Xoxo..

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