This is not what I intended on writing about. At all. But if you haven’t seen this show on Netflix, called “Botched Up Bodies”. Watch it.

Well, wait a second. If you have a weak stomach, or you are weak of heart – don’t watch it. But seriously. I am traumatized from seeing it. Completely.

Disclaimer: I am not opposed to plastic surgery in anyway, shape, or form. I believe, that if you can afford it, and it makes you feel better about yourself – do it! But please, make sure that you are doing it for yourself.

Botched Up Bodies is a show from the UK. It shows some of their top plastic surgeons, who are fixing the terrible work of either inept surgeons, black market, or faulty surgeries. What I saw was horrifying. It also broke my heart. Some of these people, had been miserable for years after their procedures. And most, have suffered actual medical problems, that they didn’t have to begin with. All stemming from surgery. For example, a nose job that went wrong – that actually caused sinus damage and prevented breathing from one nostril.

Then it got into injections. People had been injected with bathroom sealer. Into their faces, their bottoms, their breasts. I can’t. Just the whole idea makes me feel all twirly.

So, Kristie. Why are you writing this? Cause it happens. And I don’t want it to happen to anyone. Because it was horrible. A lady lost her hands and feet from it. And was grateful, because it could have been her life. She said, “We live in a world where we want what we want, and we want it now, and don’t do the work to get it.”

That hit home with me. We want the new cars. The fancy clothes. The perfect bodies. But are we willing to do the work? And of course, there are somethings that we can do nothing about through exercise, etc. But then, shouldn’t we do the work to be able to save to go to a reputable physician? That answer is an astounding yes.

Because, guys. Being pretty isn’t worth dying over. It just isn’t. Before you do anything voluntarily to yourself, make sure – you do your research. You know that the person is reputable, and you understand the possible side effects. I know, not my regular type of post. But seriously. It was scary – and made me think.

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