No words…

I love what you continue to do for me.  I love what you continue to show me.  I am in awe has to how you “got it”.  And through all this time, all my time going to church, learning about God – I didn’t get it – but you did.  I see that now.  I know what’s important now.  This life is so fleeting.  It  can be gone in a second, and we have to make every second count.  We have to share.  Who cares if people judge us?  We have to let everyone know what we have, so they can have it too.  Love for humankind.  Giving God the praise he deserves.  I love you Shaun, and what you continue you show to me – makes me know how much you loved, and continue to love.  What an amazing man you are – not were – because your footprint on this earth was profound – you are still around, just in heaven.  I love you, daddy.

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