Everything reminds me of you.  I talk to old friends, and I know that they led me to you.  Well, my life’s path led me to you.  To a faith that we drew together.  A family, a life.  We went to Buffalo Wild Wings tonight, in the old UNO’s building – and I cried when I walked in.  Just full of memories of us… the beginning of us.  It looks different, but still the same.  I knew how much you wanted to go there for Tariq’s birthday dinner, and he wanted to go to.  I feel like a can’t really have a good time if you aren’t around.  I miss you.  Everything reminds me of you.  Food, drinks, smells, sounds, tv shows – all come back to you.  I feel guilty when I forget for 30 seconds and laugh.  Although I know you would want me to.  I would give anything to have you hear beside me.  But I am writing, Like you told me to do – and it’s all from my heart.  I want to make you proud.  I want to continue what you started.  I love you – and if love can make someone live on – then you will be around forever.  Because I never loved like I did you – and I never will again.

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