Help me…

I am at work. Everything is just not working. Computers. Phones. You name it. But I know that is to be expected. But the simplicity of this process is maddening. I know God provided me with this job, and I am so grateful to support my kids. But, after the tragic events that have occurred- it seems, well, trivial. Shouldn’t I be changing lives? Letting the world know what true hope is. Telling people about my husband, an how fantastic he is! How he had changed. How I miss him immensely, but Jesus allows us to reunite. And albeit, it’s so painful now, and times I feel like my heart is literally going to explode in my chest- God is carrying me. Shaun is breathing life into my sails for the kids. He’s whispering to me – you can do it. I am going to write more tonight. I have more to say, but just a random thought and rambling.

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