Widow Warrior

I talked to my aunt last night. My mom’s oldest sister. She is 80 years young. And I have a bond with her that I wish I never had. She also lost her husband at a young age an unexpectedly. And to be honest, I felt like she understood how I was feeling. She let me talk about Shaun, what I miss, how sad I feel at times. And she listened. She told me how she still loves her Jim and always will. And I know she will. And she talked about how she can’t wait to get to heaven and run into his arms. I know how she feels. I can’t wait for that day either. So, I guess I just wanted to take a second to say I was blessed by her last night. And I am thankful for her. She told me to keep praying and hold on to every memory. And I will. I love you, Aunt Lottie. And thanks for the chat.

– Kristie blogging from her iPhone!

Location:County Road 750,Fredericksburg,United States

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