Brotherly love lives on…

So, I gotta say – Philadelphia is awesome.  I mean, I love the Eagles, the phillies, Philly Cheese steaks, the whole thing.   But more than that – I love a sweet girl who resides there.  And here is the funny thing.  I have never met her personally – but I feel like I have know her for years.  We have talked extensively on the phone – and to be honest – to explain how I know her is a totally different blogpost.  Anyhoo… She called me tonight.  And she was sad.  And she had every reason under the sun to be sad.  And then she said to me, ” I feel so dumb even crying on the phone and talking to you about this…. ”  And let me tell you girly, and the rest of the world, DON’T FEEL DUMB!  It made me feel happy, that even though I have been through something horrific, you aren’t treating me with kids gloves.  I can handle it.  I am still a mom, a wife, a friend, a sister, an ear… and I want to be here for you.  And if you are sad, it is never dumb.  Not ever.  It’s a true feeling.  I was sad yesterday because Jacoby was crying his little head off.  Was it the worst sadness ever?  Of course not.  Did it feel pretty bad in that moment?  Yup, sure did.  Here’s the difference – The pain I feel from Shaun’s death is constant.  Some types of pain are shorter.  Some, like Jacoby’s temper tantrum, are fleeting.  But in that moment of stress, sadness, or remorse – they are still true and honest feelings.  So don’t apologize.
But, I believe that God has amazing things in store for the beautiful woman.  She is a tenacious girl, gorgeous, and has a tough exterior.  But she is beautiful, caring, and amazing on the inside.  And I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that God has some amazing things in store for her and her daughter.  So today, I ask all of you to pray for this sweet woman who touched my heart tonight.  She made me feel human again, by telling me her sadness.  And thank you – you know who you are – for being right there.. right when I needed you.  Because you might not realize it, but you helped me a ton tonight – and just showed me once again, how phenomenal God is – and how he helps me always.  Xoxo…

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