Precious Gift in a Thunderstorm….

Once again, a night of writer’s block.  Had no idea of what to write.  And then here comes God’s message to me in the midst of a thunderstorm.  And I have never had a better one, never.  If you look at my facebook page, we had a ferocious storm tonight.  It was sunny out… and then freakishly black clouds.  If you know me well, thunderstorms freak me out.  I have been known to hide in neighbors basements.  And here comes the first scary storm since Shaun died.  Great.  Fantastic even.  And it was a miraculous day.  So I didn’t want it to be tainted by a storm that scares me – but it seemed inevitable.
Today at church, we had a mass baptism.  It was powerful.  Moving.  I cried like I never had before.  I saw two dear friends of mine, go forward and be baptized.  They were on Shaun’s bowling league.  He LOVED these guys.  Heart and Soul.  And he would be so happy to know that they were in church.  And he would be so happy to know that he’s gonna get to “bowl” with them in heaven.  And today he rejoiced, along with a bunch of other people, because they made decisions.  And I knew where the wife’s heart was – for awhile.  But I worried and prayed for the husband.  And today, I hugged him and cried uncontrollably, because I know that today – we will all be together in heaven.  And as I hugged him, I felt Shaun hugging us both.  I know that we will be together forever.  And my friends turned into my siblings.  And it’s a powerful feeling to see and feel that.  But that’s not all….
Me and the kids are watching Disney tonight.  The storm is coming, and it’s scary looking outside.  I am talking to them about the baptisms and what they meant.  Isabella is talking about the “rapture” (which is funny coming from an 8 year old – but awesome.)  But, I decide to eat ice cream.  Me and the kids.  It’s storming.  I hate storms.  I love ice cream and my kids.  I thought it might balance out the ickiness of the storm.  I get the ice cream out and my doorbell rings.  I think it’s my neighbor.  It’s not.  It’s a woman I know from a few years back.  And she is standing on my doorstep in a torrential downpour.  And she tells me, and I cry as I type this, that her daughter made a public profession of faith today.  That they went to Lifepoint – due to my video and posts, and others they know there.  And she felt led to let me know tonight that because of everything – they ended up there this morning.  And their lives are forever changed.  I cried and stood there with my mouth agape.  And hugged her.  She was the most gorgeous sight I think I have ever seen.  I don’t know if she will ever know, what she did for me tonight in the middle of a storm.  But she was a rainbow in a scary moment.  And wow – How many scary moments have I been through and they all have rainbows.  I am so blessed.  So lucky.  And so thankful for the expansion of God’s kingdom.  I am glad that Shaun is a big muscular man.  Because he is gonna have to work fast.  Cause we got alotta people gonna show up – so get ready.  Heart and Soul.

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