I thought it was Dr. Seuss, but really it was True Blood!

So, what I am saying is this… you can’t judge a book by it’s cover.  Clever, right?  I think the word idiom is a funny word – and it means – as defined by Webster (and you all know I love my definitions) – is this:

an expression whose meaning is not predictable from the usual meanings of its constituent elements, as kick the bucket  or hang one’s head,  or from the general grammatical rules of a language, as the table round  for the round table,  and that is not a constituent of a larger expression of like characteristics.”

So, what that says is this – a group of words that really mean nothing in comparison to what they say.  Wow.  Do you know anyone like that?  Who says one thing, but does something different.  And is it ironic, that the word idiot is so close to the word idiom?  That made me chuckle.  And that’s for free… 

But what I have been thinking about today, is that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover.  You can’t look at a human, and base what they are –  who they are – on their exterior.  I mean, really.  Do you want people judging you based on your outward appearance?  Maybe your outward actions?  Have you ever had a poor moment – where your hairs all jacked, your make up is running, and you forget to put on deodarant, and you feel like Satan wants his weather back – since it’s so hot?  Or how bout the time you freaked out in the car because you got cut off?  I am sure, that most people have had those moments, and wouldn’t want people making judgement calls about us based of them.

But I heard something at work today, and it kinda hurt my feelings.  Two ladies were outside smoking, and they were talking about a young man standing outside.  Out of his earshot, but within mine.  And they were talking about him because he had gauges in his ears, mega tattoos, and he didn’t fit their description of “normal”.  So I talked to the kid – and he was a kid – 22.  And they thought they were out of earshot.  Guess what.  Not so much.  And he was so sweet.  Passionate about life.  Had been through a lot – but had a beautiful heart.  I invited him to church – and here was his response – “I always wanted to go to church, but no churches want me.  They judge me like those two.”  So, I told him all about lifepoint and that we love him.  I told him about Shaun, showed him my tattoo.  Showed him videos on my phone ( gotta love an iphone) – and he said, “I wouldn’t feel weird?”  My response – “Only if it makes you feel weird for people to love you and love that you are there.”  He took my phone number, email, and said he would come.  And he will.

Then I think about Shaun.  He was nervous as to what people would think of him walking into church.  This huge man.  Tattoos.  Ears pierced.  Bald.  Kinda looked mean.  And he went in with defenses high.  But everyone tore those down. And what in turn happened?  He got saved.  He became on Fire for God.  He changed my life.  He changed the kids life.  Had we made horrible mistakes?  Of course.  But God has forgiven us.  So, if God can forgive us, and love us, no matter what – who are we to judge? To help build up over brothers and sisters, and get them home? Aren’t we here to love and provide support?  Make sure you do that.  I have had too many people judge me in my life – people that I felt somewhat close to.  I’ve been called names.  And at one point it hurt me.  Now it doesn’t.  Now I feel sadness towards them.  Because, how sad it has to be – to feel that way.  

I can’t ever say thank you enough, to all the people who loved on my Shaun.  Who made him feel welcome.  Who loved him beyond his rough exterior.  Who brought out the side I always saw, to where others could see it too.  Just remember, when you look at someone, you never know why they are the way they are  – why they act the way they act – why they look the way they look.  And if something about it bothers you – pray about it.  And love them anyway.

Shaun, this parts for you.  I miss you.  I would give anything to have a “Shaun Pep Talk” right now.  But thank you for continuing to show me things everyday.  For little notes you hid and never gave me.  I still feel like you are talking to me sometimes.  I cry every hour I would say – but I smile thinking about you a lot more often.  You are my heart – and I love you so much.

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  1. I love it! It speaks my hearts passion right now. God wants us to reach those who are different than us~no matter what….he loves us all ❤ Beautiful~and felt like you were looking inside my heart~connected<3 like 🙂


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