Happy Birthday to Me….

So, It’s my birthday.  All day long.  And to be honest – I have had a relatively good day…  And I really didn’t think I would.  The sun came out today – and I hadn’t seen that for quite some time.  And it made me smile… I felt like it was Shaun smiling down on me saying, “I love you.. and Happy Birthday.”  I have great friends.  Great family.  And I am completely blessed.  I have known love like few have.  And God has blessed me with another year of life.  Completely.  I don’t know what this coming year holds.  But I will embrace every single minute.  I will make sure that I live with no regrets.  And I will smile – because I am blessed.  And I will smile, because I am loved.  So tonight’s post is short.  It’s a thank you.  Thank you God for saving me.  Thank you family for being there.  Thank you friends for being there – even when you didn’t have to be.

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