Happiness in a bundle of pink and fabulous shoes….

So, a really wise friend of mine tonight, told me – “I wish you could be happy – I bet you hadn’t thought of that.”  And we laughed.  Obviously, what was I thinking!?  I mean, I would feel better if I was happy, right?  Of Course!  But I know where their heart was, and I love them for that.  But here is the thing.  I am sad.  I guess part of me always will be.  But tonight, I will go bed to happy no matter what.  Mainly, because I have so much to be thankful for.  So tonight I am going to list my blessings….  maybe you can find a few, too.

1.  My husband is a Christian.  I get to spend eternity with him
2.  I have 3 gorgeous, smart, and healthy children.
3.  I have a roof over my head, and food in my pantry.
4.  I am typing on a computer.  How many people in this world would love to have running water, no less – a computer?!?
5.  I have running water. (That was an afterthought to the previous.)
6.  I have a friend, who knows me so well, that she brought me the most fantastic pair of shoes to my work today – because she was so excited to give them to me.  And they are fantastic.  And I love them.
7.  My friends from work, surprised me with a  birthday lunch, and bought me flowers. Not just any flowers… Pink ones. They also got me a hilarious card, about shoes, (refer to previous point.).
8.  I own numerous pairs of fabulous shoes.
9.  I am able to read and write.  I am thankful for that.  So many can’t.
10.I have a car that gets me to and from work.
11.I have a job.
12.I have crackle nail polish and tattoos.  I like them all.
13.I have friends I can call anytime day or night – and they will be here.  Not many people have that.
14.My kids love me.  A lot.
15. My church is fabulous.  They gave me my number one.

These are in no particular order, well – with the exception of number one.  And that’s just a few.  I have many more.  So tonight, I will go to bed with a smile.  Because I am blessed.  Have I experienced excruciating heartbreak?  Yes.  Have I been loved in an unimaginable way? Yes.  I know I will cry tomorrow.  I know I will be sad.  But, I also know, I am fortunate.
So, I’m lucky.  Blessed. And Hopeful.  C’mon 34… It’s gonna be a good year.  I am going to make it that way… Cause with a list like that – it should be pretty easy.

And Shaun, If you can read blogs up in heaven – you helped me achieve all of those… but most important is my Number one.  I can’t wait to see you baby.  I love you so much.  So very much.

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