It’s a beautiful day!!!!!

Don’t let it slip away!  I have had that U2 song in my head all day.  And why,  you ask?(You might not have – but in my head you did)  Well here’s why.  Because it is.  It was gorgeous outside.  I got to hear a fabulous sermon at church.  I had a fantastic lunch.  The Ravens stomped Pittsburg.  I went to my new Lifegroup at Church for the “Living the Dream” series.  And then I got to hang out with a couple friends and my fantastic kids this afternoon.  What could be better?  Not a whole lot.

I cried when the Raven’s scored their first and second touchdown. I knew that Shaun would be so excited.  Jumping – Screaming – talking about how he “knew that’s how it would go down..” And so on and so forth.  And I was fantastically proud of those guys today.  I wanted the Ravens to win so bad.  And I felt like Shaun was screaming and cheering them to a victory.  That win was for Shaun.  In my heart of hearts I feel it.

Then I got to go to my life group.  And well, a lot was said – a lot was discussed, and I have a lot to think about.  But I know this.  I have a room of people there, that I can say anything too.  And I know they have my back and are there to support me.  For that I am thankful – and I will be there for them.  Because God didn’t make us to do small stuff.  He made us for greatness.  So, greatness is what I want to excel to.  I have a lot of things to think about, pray about, and consider.  But I know I have people to help.  I am not in this alone.  I’m not.  And I know that by making the right decisions, I will be making the right decisions for my kids.  So pray for me.  I said before in a previous post, that something was a brewin’.  Now I know it is for sure.  So, some may say I am a dreamer.  They are right.  But – I am going to Live the Dream, whether it’s comfortable or not.

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