Promise of a New Day….

Every night when we go to sleep – we have the promise of a new day.  It’s a promise – not a guarantee.  We  know that the sun will rise, the earth will rotate,  somewhere it will rain, somewhere the sun will shine.  But we don’t know, what the new day will bring.  I have had numerous – too many to count – that I would change.  I would change the way things went from the second I wake up, to the second that I go to bed.  There’s days where I wouldn’t change a thing.  There are days where I wish I could just hit the delete button – rewrite that day – and insert a new ending.  But, what we can control is what we decide to do with our new day, if we are blessed enough to see it show up.

Too many people have passed away, had serious illnesses, or have had serious struggles lately.  People that I know personally.  But today, a lot has popped up in my path.  I have asked a lot of questions.  Have tried to project what Shaun would advise me to do.  And, it’s a good thought process to have.  I am thankful I trusted him enough to want to take his advice.  Anyway, I digress.  So, here is what I have came up with – ready for this?  Live today like you could die any second, but plan like you are going to live forever.  To sum it up – Don’t be overly cautious and not live today to the fullest.  But don’t be so exuberant in your life – that you miss great possibilities for your future…  Once again – Live the Dream.

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