Angels if many shapes and sizes..

I am so needy.  Freakishly needy.  It’s a fault – and I know it.  But, God provides.  Angels seem to show up in many different shapes and sizes, and all throughout your day – even your life.  And what I am referencing here is the angels here on earth.  People with whom you cross paths everyday, and might not think about them that way.  But tonight, that’s what I was thinking about.  Because, I have an amazing angel up in heaven – I know he’s there.  He’s big, beautiful, and bald.  (My 3 B’s!)  And he is looking down on me and helping me have the strength to do what I need to.  I remember his love while he was here on earth – and I will remember it until I die.  But through the grace of God – I will get to experience it for eternity.
So, I am going to talk about a few angels in my life today.  People who act ordinary, but do things that help your day go on – and you smile.  And, I am going to name them by name – well, the ones I can.. Just for dramatic purposes… (I wish I could insert a really cool movie clip right here… so hum one in your head so you can get where I am going with this in mine…. hee  hee).
1.  The WaWa Coffee lady – I love coffee… she makes it everyday – and she says, “Good morning honey – off to work?”  Every single day.  Same thing.  And I love the monotony of it.  It gets me where I am going, with a smile on my face.
2.  Lori —  smiling at me everyday I come in – and telling me something funny every morning.  This girl is one interesting lady.
3.  IT people – my computer acts nuts – dude fixed it.  He might not have been thrilled about it, but nonetheless, he fixed it.  So on with my day.
4.  Tanya – if you knew this lady – well, enough said.  She keeps in stitches all day.  She is quite funny.  A firecracker that one.
5.  Kerry – she has a fake phone voice when on the phone – and it cracks me up.  And I laugh at her for it and she then cracks up.  She is also feisty.  You wouldn’t know it to look at her… but she is.  And has such a sweet heart.  Deep down.
6.  Mike – who I throw paper wads at.  He let’s me.  So – well, that’s good enough for me.
7. Check out girl at lunch – she always tells me “$1000” when she rings me up.  I’m glad it’s not really$1000.00 – or I’d be starving!
8. Bill D. – manager of a body shop.  I’ve been working with him.  I messed up and he helped me fix it.  And it’s not the first time.  And he’s never mad about it.  And he’s funny.  (There is a pattern here with the funny thing…)
9. Dan – One of my supervisors.  Brilliant.  Can tell him anything. Never gets mad.  He will do anything to help, and give you a route to do it with if he can’t himself.  What anyone in management should do.
10. Lenora – she loves my babies while I am working.  She loves them so much.  And I love her for that.  Nothing better than know that they are safe and loved.
11. Krissie,  Jacqueline, and lady Belcastros – my others.  Part of me.  Were there through everything and still are 100%.  I can be me with them – all times – no matter what.
12. Kellie – she let me vent.  I needed it.
13. Jenn-she lifted my heart when I was trying to lift hers.
14. My kids – always here.  Loving me always.  Just like Shaun did.

And that’s just my list from today.  And I probably left a few out.  But how blessed to have people in your life that makes you smile, makes your life easier and happier. I am grateful.  I am grateful that I see it now.  And I want everyone of these folks to know, that I am a better person for knowing you.  And who knows… I might get to meet a few more “earthly angels” tomorrow.  Thanks guys.  Thanks for a good day.  And thank you God, for blessing me so much!

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