So, I was completely distracted today.  Have you ever had one of those days?  Where you try to focus, and to save your neck – you just can’t.  I kept getting lost in my  papers, doing one thing and forgetting why I was doing it.  Completely frustrating.  But I had a zillion thoughts running through my head.  Good thoughts, don’t get me wrong, but thoughts nonetheless.  And tonight, I was thinking about what I was gonna blog about – I got distracted.  Go figure.  So I took that as a sign to go for this topic.

What makes us distracted?  ADD does.  I know that one.  But I don’t have ADD.  But boy, Shaun did – big time. And you know how he handled his ADD?  Notes.  Notes everywhere.  He had a hindrance, something that he struggled with daily, and he found a way to make it work in his life.  His “disability” turned into one of his best character traits.  He didn’t put off much.  If he knew something needed to be done – he did it right then, for fear he would get distracted.  If it was impossible for him to do at the moment – he would send himself an email, write a note, or text it to me – so he could see it later.  He was quite ingenious that way.  Shaun didn’t have the “benefit” of being lazy.  Because it was a true fact that if he didn’t do it right then, it might not ever cross his mind again.  Or at least not until it was to late.

He also wanted to be involved in everything – that’s something I noticed about him.  He knew that if he had an idea, and it was a good one, he wanted to see it played out.  He kept me inline too.  He kept me focused.  To be with a man like that, frankly you have to be or you will go crazy.  But I see myself still doing the things that he used to do.  I guess when they say that you can’t catch ADD, you kinda can.  And boy, I am glad I did.  Because I wouldn’t want it to be any other way. I love you Shaun.  So much.

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