Birthdays and Presents….

It has definitely been three months today – not four.  But it all still remains the same.  That being said, I had a relatively good day.  Only cried a handful of times.  And tonight, I went to dinner with my amazing and beautiful friend Jacqueline, and her family, in celebration of her son Ian’s birthday.  So, on a day that was kind of dark and sad for me – there was a little rainbow named Ian.  And eight years ago today, an amazing little man was born.  A carefree, witty, talented artist, enthusiastic, caring little boy.  A little boy who has hugged me so sincerely when Shaun died – that kind of hug that only a child can give.  The type of hug, where they are really trying to heal your heart – and take all the pain away.  A little boy, who isn’t stifled by the main stream – he marches to beat of a different drummer, and it’s the most beautiful song I have ever heard.

So, tonight, I believe that Shaun was looking down celebrating with us.  Thankful for that little boy’s hug.  Thankful for the love that him and Isabella share as best buddies.  Thankful for the love and friendship – the siamese relationship of Jacqueline and I.  And I’m sure that he was happy, that once again on a day that I felt sad – this little boy caused me a great deal of joy – and all he had to do was enter the world eight years ago today.  No one knew, the day he was born – myself included – that he would make me smile so much.  I strive to be more like that child.  He’s taught me a great deal.  So tonight, I want to say thank you to Ian Covert – because on your birthday – you gave me one spectacular present.  You gave me you.  I love you – just like you are my own.  Happy 8th birthday to one amazing person.  May God Bless you – and all who know you – by giving you many more.


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