Back at it.

Okay, so I had little bitty baby blogs the past two days.  But I was quite the busy girl – and I am still a busy girl, but – I got a little more time now.  First, I just want to say thank you for everyone’s support and help through the past three months.  Without you – I couldn’t have made it.  Not for a second.  And thank you for reading my blog and giving me such positive feedback.  That has also helped me a ton.  But in my life group, we have been talking about honor.  And I want to thank you all – because you have made me feel honored.  I have so many positive people in my life, it’s hard not to be positive in return.

I also want to give a bit of advice.  Honor your spouse.  Your husband or wife is the most important person in your world.  They are your life partner.  Shaun always made me feel first in the human realm.  I did my best to make sure he felt like he was first.  The difference that can make in a marriage is undeniable.  Try not to scream.  Screaming is bad.  I am a screamer.  But try not too… you will feel better.  I promise. (As Pastor Daniel says, that was for free.)

And here is another epiphany I had – once again, in my life group.  You know, how in the Bible, it always says to fear God?  I don’t think it’s meant as the whole hellfire and brimstone that we often associate it with.  But here was my comparison.  And yes, it’s related to football – (which my husband would greatly respect.)  When the Ravens played the Steelers – I was nervous.  Afraid.  I wanted to win.  And the reason that I was nervous and afraid, was because I know what a skilled team they are.  I mean, I walk around talking about how they suck – and their fans are dumb – etc.  But fact of the matter is – they are good – and there is a high chance that we could lose against them.  (Stick with me here.)  So here is my thought on fearing God.  I fear him out of honor, love, and adoration.  He is something that I can’t compare myself to.  His love is infinite, his grace – well, you know.  And someone that is so perfect is intimidating.  Because no matter what you do, you will never even compare.  And it’s awesome.  And I’m thankful.

So, here is where I am at today.  A child saved.  A widow that will get to see the love of her life again – and not only that, spend eternity with him.   God is with me – so nothing of this earth will ever get me down, not for long anyway.  Because I am blessed.  Beyond belief.  Isn’t everyone?  You just have to see it.  Love you all.

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