What’s black and white and red all over?

Well, there are a lot of answers to this question.  But today, I found a paper.  An essay Shaun had written.  If you don’t know, he had a drive to become a  pastor.  Anyway, this is what he was addressing – and it’s weird, because my sister and I were discussing this just last night.   So Cassie, Shaun agrees – just so you know.  But, we were talking about churches.  Religion.  Faith.  God’s Calling.  Yup, me and Cassie can get pretty deep.  But this is something that I found at my church home, that I don’t think is the norm.  Acceptance.  If you believe in God, then you believe he is the creator.  If you believe in God, you believe that he put everything on this planet.  So, in turn, God created every, single solitary person.  And he loves them.  So, that person that you think is trashy, or arrogant, or rude – God loves them just as much as he loves you.  The “tattooed freak with gauges” – God loves them.  And we, as Christians, often are the world’s worst at casting judgement.  God made everyone of us unique – and isn’t is amazing that he did?  If it wasn’t for our uniqueness – wow, our world would be boring.  And is a church service a new country club? (I stole that from Shaun’s essay).  But wow it’s true.  Why aren’t we in the trenches – asking everyone that we know to go.  Sharing.  Letting them know our beliefs.  Letting them know that we aren’t perfect, we aren’t worthy, but we are saved.  We are human – all of us.  We have all made mistakes – all of us.  And why do people judge the wrapper of a person?  Here is a morbid thought – if the outside is different, what if you burnt you and them both – flesh gone – could you identify who is who?  So here is a quote that I am gonna end this with – and I hope it makes you think as much as it did me.

“The greatest single cause of atheism in the world today is Christians.  Christians who acknowledge Jesus with their lips, and walk out the door in denial by their lifestyle.  That is what an unbelieving world simply finds unbelieveable.”

I will make mistakes.  I am not perfect.  But I will be kind, accepting, and a place for people to come for comfort.  I might not can change the world.  But I can sure try, one heart at a time.  And I bet this – they will help me more than I do them.  As Christians, we need to get a backbone.  Stick up for God, Jesus, your co-workers, friends, and strangers.  Black, white, or red.  We are all the same, on the inside. Love you Shaun, you are still making me think.

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