My baby’s first haircut.

So tonight, I decided that I really was gonna have to cut Jacoby’s hair.  It was bad.  In the back, his little curls were all matted up because of the baby fine hair.  So I decided today to do it.  And I cried.  Because once again, there was a milestone that his daddy wasn’t here for.  And the day he died, he was going to take Jacoby for his first haircut.  I hadn’t cut it since then because of that.  But Shaun would look at me and tell me to quite being silly, and to cut his son’s hair.  And what a blessing I got when I did.  I am sure all of you mommas of little boys  know what I mean.  The second that you cut off those baby fine hairs, and you see the glimpse of the man that they are gonna be.  They go from looking like an infant, to looking like a toddler.  And I can look at my twelve year old – and wow – I remember his first haircut.  And how cute he looked after – and how he still looks the same.  And I know that the same is true for Jacoby.  And what I saw when I cut Jacoby’s hair, was well, Shaun.  The look – the shape of the eyes, the lips.  I think he is gonna be like his daddy and grandpa.  They are all gonna look the same.  And I am thankful for it.
This isn’t where I ever thought I would be.  It’s a place that I wouldn’t wish on anyone – but I am so thankful for my kids.  It’s amazing how a simple thing like a haircut can make you feel like you can move mountains.  God amazes me daily in all he does.  Just when I think I am standing on my own two feet, he shows me that he is still carrying me.

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