Lovely lips or mercenary mouth?

Something that I can honestly say Shaun rarely did was call someone a bad name. He wasn’t perfect – but it wasn’t his standard practice. And, this week, I have learned the importance of controlling your tongue. God gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason. And to call people ugly names, is well, just not nice. Not that I really have to tell you that, it’s just a fact. Anyway, I digress.
So here was my situation. I tried my best to explain a situation to another person in a calm and rational way. Was I annoyed? Absolutely. 100%. And should I have been? Probably not. Probably shouldn’t have cared in the least. But I did. But when I tried to explain why it bothered me – I felt like I got slapped by a ration of insults. And, for the first time in my adult life, I didn’t cry. I didn’t get upset. I didn’t feel slighted. Part of me chuckled – because it was completely false and I knew my intentions, and understood my own feelings. The other part of me felt very sad. Not sad for myself, but sad for her. To unleash a strong fury upon me – that just showed me that it wasn’t anything I said or did – that was inside her. That was a sadness lurking in her heart – and it might have made her feel better to unleash it. And if it felt good to unleash it, then I am glad it was on me. Cause I can handle it.
But then I sat down and thought, “Where did this massive amount of anger come from?” And who knows. I am sure I will never know. I don’t need to know. But what I hope is this – that before you hurl insults at someone, look inside yourself and see if you can figure out why you want to lash out. Is it really them? Are they striking a chord in your heart viciously? Because, I would dare bet – that when we do that – what we are actually doing is trying to make ourselves feel better at someone else’s expense. I am sure I have done it. I will probably do it again. I just hope that if a situation arises that gets me going – I am able to breathe and reflect – remember this day – and keep my mouth shut and my heart open.
I guess, to sum it up, I feel comforted by the thought that each mistake that I make in life, is a great opportunity to learn a valuable lesson.

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  1. Your words have always been inspiring but this message touched home with me. People around the world have been constantly degrading and judging people that they haven't even met. Unfortunately society finds things like that acceptable. It's up to us Christians to see through all the negativity and rise above the ones who are troubled and help them be lifted up by our actions. Whenever someone is at their happiest there are always going to be people with hate in their hearts to bring us down. Keep your chin up, pray for them and move on because only you and God can truly know what's inside your heart. I love you Kristie and I hope you keep shining!


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