Real life superheroes!

Yesterday was father’s day. And it was the perfect ending to a perfect weekend. A lot of things happened this weekend. First, my trash hole of a garage got completely cleaned out. I got rid of years and years of baggage. And I would have never thought that it was such a burden – but it definitely was. Also, I got rid of Shaun’s truck. A couple of my friends took it – and they will be able to use it. And it makes me so happy. I couldn’t use that truck, and it almost felt like a casket in the driveway. And opportunity presented itself, and I took it. And I am so thankful that I did so. And I know it would make him happy too. Then I had a great evening out. And then there was father’s day. And I heard the most amazing sermon that really got me thinking.

I had the most faithful parents in the world. What my parents did, bringing me up with prayers and love, put grace and love all over me. They stored up mercy from God on my behalf. Let me be completely honest – I drove my parents nuts. I wasn’t an easy child. About the age of seventeen, I decided that I knew everything – and they knew nothing. But guess what – they never waivered. I am sure I their knees were raw, and eyes burning – but they prayed. And I know that because of their tears and prayers – that is why I am where I am at today. I have went through some rough things, but I am still here. And now I will pray for my children. Cry for them. Beg for God to intercede on their behalf and protect us all. And do my best to be the type of parent that mine were. I am so sorry I put them through so much. But I am also so humbled by the fact that they remained a steadfast part of my life.

So this is a thank you – to both of them. And for making yourselves such amazing people/ starting a cycle of faithfulness, love and prayer/ and teaching me how to be a strong child of God with my feet planted firmly in my faith. Thank you for showing me how to be happy. Thank you for showing me true love is real. Thanks you for showing me what is important in life. You not only changed my eternity – you have changed many. I love you guys – more than you can ever know.

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