Full-Time Life

Tonight, I was on a training calling with Rodan and Fields.  And before you think – this is an advertisement for Rodan and Fields, It isn’t.  (Although it is amazing and you would love it. LOL!)  But, one of my upline leaders, Sarah Robbins, said – “Trade your part time hours for a full time life.”  And wow.  That hit a cord with me.  A full time life.  So I started thinking about what is involved in what is currently my full-time life.

First thirty minutes of the day
1.  wake up
2. make sure Tariq is up
3. get ready
4. do my face regimen
5. pack my lunch – if I am on top of it.
6. leave for work.
Next 9 hours or so…
1. get to work
2. run reports
3. look at cars
4. find cars
5. answer phone
6. repeat
Last five hours or so
1.  Leave work
2.  arrive a daycare an hour or so later
3. get home
4. feed kids
5. make sure homework is done
6.  complete any “real job” stuff that hasn’t been done.
7. shower
8. put kids to bed
9. do my face
10. sleep
My full time life is not quite what I had envisioned.  I love my job – well, I like my job.  I don’t hate it.  But I wish I had more daytime.  I wish that I had more time to blog.  To continue my book.  To be a positive influence in others lives.  I want my full time life to bring joy to people that I meet for just a second.  I want people to understand the gravity of grace that has filled my life.  I want to change the world.  And it’s hard to figure out how to change the world – when your day is already filled.  Remember back a couple years ago, where I was pumped – and motivated?  Easy how we can shirk back into complacency.
So here is what I decided.  I will make sure that I am purposely kind – and not in a customer service type of way.  I will work on both my jobs (Day job an Rodan and Fields) with purpose and intent.  I will write everyday – whether on a blog – or even ten more words on book.  I will change the world.  Because I am going to start living a full time life – everywhere I am at. Get ready – I am got my warface on – and it’s gonna be a battle of myself.  

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