It takes guts to be gentle and kind.

That’s the truth. I am writing this after pursuing my Facebook feed while watching Lifetime Movie network this am. And here is what I have learned today – and I guess I always knew it – but just kinda realized it I. The forefront of my brain. Men can also be abused. I never really thought about it before.

But here is what I saw. On lifetime- a woman little slapped, pushed, and poured coffee on her husband. All when she was drinking or angry. He never touched her back. He stayed at a point, to where he would walk away. Go for a drive. She would then incessantly text him. Post cryptic Facebook messages to get the world involved on their drama. And one day- she clawed his eye. He restrained her while calling 911. He was the one told to leave. He pressed charges. Filed for divorce. And she was convicted of malicious wounding and domestic abuse. 
And then, I get on Facebook this morning. If you don’t have something good to say about someone – don’t say anything! Especially on Facebook or Twitter. Especially when you have a child with that person. Those words will never be gone. The negativity that you put out there when you do that- mindblown. And children will make a decision when they get older. Don’t make yourself easily look crazy. Don’t say bad things about their other parent. I don’t care what they did. If you truly love your child – you love their heart more than you love your own vindication. And honestly – you only make yourself look bad. It makes me almost pity the other party. 
In a world of anger, violence, and abuse – don’t be a statistic. Whether you are male or female – if you are abused – get out. Being insulted, hit, screamed at, slapped, punched, scratched, and frankly / anything that is demeaning – is not right.  Get help. There is a lot of help out there. 
I will now resign from my soapbox this morning. 
Your welcome. 🙂


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