Confucious, Buddha, Ghandi – those guys don’t get me. I just wanna suck a little less.

So, I started writing this blog with every intention of it going in one direction – and the more I researched, the more it went off kilter.  So, I just decided to go with it.  And what this blog is about – is failure.  How many times a day do we face that?  A billion.  Failure as an employee, a friend, a parent – you name it.  So I was gonna write a “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” type of blog… and well – here we go.

I have a normal day job.  And I work for a big company.  And we have different ratings – and our numbers are what matter.  At the end of the day – the numbers need to line up.  For someone like me – that is a good and a bad thing.  I like numbers – because they are a definite point to gauge things.  I hate them for the exact same reason.  Sometimes, I don’t want certain things measured – especially if I am struggling in that area.

My boss has two sayings:
1. My goal for you today – is to suck a little less than yesterday.  I don’t expect perfection overnight.
2. Give me a chance to suck first – before you assume the worst.

Although crass, words to live by.  And I have been diligent to get my “work” numbers where they need to be.  And guess what?  They got there.  And guess what I figured out by that?  I can do anything that I can set my mind to. Like really, I can.  If I can change those numbers? I can move Mt. Everest.

Now, take it on a bigger picture than my day job.  What would happen if we really tried – to change our situations for what our hearts desired?  Like really tried.  Not sitting around complaining about how other people have it so much easier – it falls in their lap – etc.  If we actually worked for it?  Spent time acting rather than wishing.  Got out of our “comfort zone” to get what we wanted.  Actually worked for it with a goal insight.  I think it would be incredible.  I am really kinda preaching to myself now.   Just sayin.

But as I was going to give a great blog on “conquering failures”, I decided that sucking less each day – working to achieve my goals is a good place to start.  And I read a whole bunch of profound quotes by Confucious, Buddha, Ghandi, Edison, and a lot of others – about overcoming failure.  I don’t think they had the heart of a writer — and a technical day job.  So today – Let’s be a little better than yesterday – or suck a little less.

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