Power of positive affirmations.

I have a lot of friends who are believers in positive affirmations. And I’ll be honest. Me- not so much. I try to do it. But, really – sometimes I feel stupid. I’m afraid someone will hear me and think I’m psycho.  I do try to think positive affirmations, at least in my own mind.  But, I struggle with verbalizing it. I believe in the power of the mind. But to sit and say them to myself? No. I don’t.
But let me tell you something I learned today about a positive affirmation given out if he blue. Today- completely randomly- I was told by someone that they were proud of me. To quote, “It makes me proud of you. You do a lot. ” These words shook me to my core. To hear someone, praise me- and be proud of me!?  Not because they have to.  Not because they are a parent.  Not because I was sad, and they were trying to build me up.  It was a moment of raw honesty. It seriously brought tears to my eyes. I got up. Went to the bathroom. And straightened myself up. Choked down those emotions, and came back and said thank you.
This is why I am writing this. If you are proud of someone – tell them.  I know it seems simple and stupid. It doesn’t make a lot of sense – or maybe it just might be common sense. But it made me feel like one of the most special people on he face of the earth.  And made me feel empowered.  Like I can do anything I set my mind too.  So, if the opportunity arises – be someone’s positive affirmation – because they might be like me.  And they just can’t bring themselves to do it on their own.  You never know, it could mean a lot.  Take it from me – it really does.

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