Netflix, Chia Seeds, Om Scarves, and Eyeliner.

It’s two days after Christmas.  The ruckus has died down.  The kids are all content – and getting along.  It’s remotely quiet in my house.  I am sitting in my bed, watching netflix and youtube, and yes – simultaneously (I’m good like that).  But I kept saying to myself, do something productive.  Don’t waste your day.  You need to blog.  So, here we meet again.

Now, when you are completely being lazy – it’s hard to think of a topic.  And I just looked around – and realized there is my topic.  This weekend is my topic.  I went to Publix today, to pick up a few things.  One of those items were chia seeds.  It took me forever to find them – but when I did – I felt like I ran a marathon – and won it!  Why?  Because I found them without asking anyone.  So there is one little personal win.

For those of you who know me, I love yoga.  Pitaiyo.  Mediation.  I burn incense.  Yes, I have a touch of hippie, granola kid deep down in my heart.  I have a tattoo of the “om” symbol.  I like to stay at peace and relax.  And throughout my practice, I am able to do that about 80% of the time now.  Yesterday, I went to World Market.  And I found the most amazing scarf.  It’s a huge, huge scarf- almost like a blanket – that hangs to my ankles – and it has the “om” symbol on it.  And….. wait for it….. It was on CLEARANCE!  It was like it was meant for me.  So, I roll into Publix, with space leggings, a blank long tank top, and a huge “om” scarf blanket thing draped around me.  Did I look silly? Maybe.  Did I feel fabulous? Definitely….

I have been practicing the winged eyeliner for awhile now.  Today – I nailed it.  Quickly.  Finally.  Like in the amount of time it takes me to put on normal eyeliner.  I can be taught.

I say all this to say – this might seem like a little boring blogpost today.  But, It’s a little list of somewhat unimportant wins, but wins – nonetheless.  Take heart in  your little successes every single day.  It might just be the success of sitting down and watching a show on Netflix.  Or completing a blog.  Or having the confidence to wear something that might not be fashionable – because it makes you feel amazing.

So, before the new year begins… Try to find some downtime, and take a minute to love your individuality.  And just be kind.


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