My heart is bleeding. Please pray. With Fervor.

Today has been a wicked Monday.  Horrible.  Worse than I could ever think.  It all started off okay – kinda of like a regular Monday.  Just like most people, who deal with customers and customer service, the weekend can reek havoc for a Monday.  I was prepped and ready to go.  That goes, until about  one o’clock.

One of my friends, came to me, with a look of absolute horror on his face.  And said, “This day needs to end.”  He is one of those people who is always positive.  When I have a bad day  – I get upset – he tells me, “Is this something you really wanna get upset over?”  And sometimes yes, most of the time no.  But for him to look stunned, made a sharp chill go to my core.  I asked him what happened.  And nothing would have prepped me for what he was getting ready to say.

Someone that I used to work with, one of my first friends here in Orlando, was in a tragic car accident on Saturday.  He was hit head-on, with his entire family in the car.  He is in very critical condition.  His wife, is severely injured, but projected to be okay.  He lost his two little girls.  Ages 6 and 8.  I can’t even begin to wrap my mind around it.

He is a sweet man.  Soft spoken.  Kind.  Once he left the shop where I met him, I still saw him often around town.  My job has a small circle – and you run into each other.  Less than a month ago, I saw him.  He was telling me how excited he was for an advancement in his new company.  He was smiling from ear to ear.  He asked me about my family.  We laughed and caught up.  I told him we all needed to get together soon.  I never made a plan to do so.  And I hate myself for it.

When Shaun died, the only thing that carried me through – was my kids.  They still needed their momma.  Losing a husband was horrible.  I have selfishly said, when referencing that experience, how horrible it was.  How he was too young.  We never thought.  And we were young.  And it was tragic.  But  nothing on this earth is as tragic as losing a child.  My heart is bleeding for them.

So please, this blog is plea – pray for them.  Constantly.  Pray for Rich, the daddy, he is in really bad shape.  Pray for Amanda, his wife, she just lost her children, is injured, and I am sure petrified for her husband. I wish I could help them.  This is the only way I know how.  I figure a number of people read my blog.  So let’s just blanket them in prayer.  I am attaching a link below – so you can pray specifically.  This is all I got to help to right now.


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