Gratitude when Rome is burning… Musings from a Body Shop.

You know, I work in an industry that I never imagined I would be in.  It wasn’t part of my plan.  At all.  I didn’t go to college for this, I didn’t look for a job in this – nor did I have the desire to do it.  But here I sit.  In my beautiful office, at the best body shop I have ever been in – and it makes me want to cry.  I have been so blessed to be afforded the opportunity to be here.  I am doing more than I ever thought possible. And trust me when I tell you this – It has been a very, very, very, very long road to get here.

If you followed this blog at all – you know the whole story.  If not – scroll down – way to much to rehash.  But I felt compelled to write this today – because I personally know a few people who need to hear what I have to say – and if that’s the case, then I know that there are a lot more.

When I went for this position, I didn’t have a whole lot of support.  It was risky.  But I KNEW – beyond a shadow of a doubt, this is where I was supposed to be.  There were a lot of tears, nervousness, laughter, anxiety, and then that whole emotional roller coaster would start again.  But this place was my home.  My family.  And where I needed to be. I knew it.  I felt it.  And I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.

My bosses are amazing.  Everyday – they tell me thanks.  I know that might not seem like a lot to some people.  But appreciation – acknowledgement – gratitude – is a priceless gift, especially when you have worked in very “thankless” environments.  It will change your work ethic, your drive, and your passion.

I believe the same goes for many facets of our lives.  Gratitude.  Someone that believes in you.  Love.  Isn’t that all that we really want as humans?  For me – I think that covers the basics.  And if you have those things, normally – everything else seems to fall into place.  I am not saying that it makes it easy – but, it definitely makes it a much better journey.

I also believe that many managers – try a different aspect.  They believe that belittling, nitpicking, micromanaging – that’s they way to produce results.  And granted, it will produce results at first.  Especially if people are afraid of losing their jobs.  But those results will be short lived.  You will burn out your employees.  You will create rifts between coworkers.  And separate your team.  A dictatorship doesn’t work.

I would much rather have a slower progress of great returns – which will last.  Teach my employees, train my employees, and build respect, knowledge, and friendship.  It’s just like parenting in a way.  Care for your employees like you do your own kids.  If they need help – help them.  Don’t enable.  Teach.  Listen.  And times, you are going to have to make tough decisions.  And that might suck.  But we do it (at least I know I do) – as a parent.

You know, to write this blog – I was looking up some facts.  And this spoke volumes to me.  I was researched how long it took for Rome to be built.  And here was the answer that I found a zillion times – “Ancient Rome, it pretty much grew its entire lifespan.”  Here is another interesting fact(*ish) – “When Nero set Rome on fire, it was destroyed withing 5 days.”  Apply that.  Think about it.

Something that is great – never stops growing.  Never stops learning.  Never stops trying to be better.  But, under the wrong rule – something great can be destroyed quickly.  This is applicable to work and family – at least to me.

So, if you work for a “Nero”, only you can determine how that will effect you.  Be the strong one.  Be the one who tries to build yourself – for you.  Because that is your character.  That’s who you are.  Don’t allow yourself to be burned.  And never let anyone thing you aren’t good enough.  Because if I had listened to that.  I wouldn’t be where I am at today…

And where I am today….. is amazing.

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  1. Love love love it! You are 100% right and I'm feeling the same way at my new job away from those horrible insane prior working conditions we both endured for way too long my friend.


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