Why you gotta be so cruel….

So, here I am, three weeks into being…. wait for it…. VEGAN.  And vegan by diet alone.  I know, I know.  First, let me explain why I made this choice.  And key word – is CHOICE.  I decided, for my personal health, to make a personal decision, to try and go vegan for 21 days.  Here we are.  And today, I am continuing it.  Why?  There are so many reasons why.  I want to let you know, although I don’t judge anyone who does do it for moral reason because they have a passion for animals – this was not my reason at all.  I am saying that – just to be honest.  I tried something – and I am loving it.
I don’t expect anyone to do it along with me, it is a personal decision of my own.  And I say that – to say this. 

Why in the world are people so hateful?  In the past three weeks – I have had more people degrade me, laugh at me, question my intelligence, and question my health – all based upon the fact because it has been noticed that I eat differently than I used to.  Here are a few of the little sly remarks I have heard, and here are the remarks in my head, which I wasn’t brave enough to say out loud.
1. “Wow.  I would never do that.”  (ok.  cool.)
2.  “How are you gonna get enough protein?  Vegans get sick all the time.  You are gonna get sick.” (Nope.  I have sense.  I know what to eat.  And where was your concern when I was eating fast food – and junk?  Oh wait. There was none.)
3.  “So, are you going to start smoking weed and not showering now?” (Obviously.  Since I am no longer eating meat – I also don’t bathe and start smoking weed.  Of course.  I mean really people. I honestly can’t believe what will come out of some people’s mouth.)
4.  “So, did you ever eat meat?  Like a really good steak?” (Just because someone is vegan – doesn’t mean that they never liked the taste of meat, cheese, or dairy.  It just means we made a choice.  No different than someone who works out – doesn’t mean they didn’t used to be lazy.  They just made a choice.)
5.   “I feel sorry for you – because you can’t eat.”  (Well, sweetie – I went to a plant based diet.  Not a feeding tube.  And, What I am eating – is delicious.)

And trust – there are tons more.  Here is what I am saying… This is the first time I am “announcing” that I am vegan.  And I know there is the stereotypical thoughts that people have when they think of someone saying vegan.  But guess what – I am not that at all.  And I would dare bet – 95% of vegans aren’t.  We just think about the loud ones.  And I am vegan for now – I don’t  know if I will always be one.  But, I feel great – better than I have in years – and I don’t plan on quitting.  That’s just me.  And I don’t care what anyone else eats.  You wanna know why?  Because it’s their body – not mine.  Only you know what is best for you – not me.  And here is the funny thing – I expected this to be soooo hard for me.  I really did.  I have failed at many different diets in my 39 years on this planet.  And my goal was 21 days.  Maybe I am older, maybe more committed to my health now.  Who knows. 

But here is the funny thing.  I was talking to an amazing friend of mine yesterday – and they said to me, “I really think you like being vegan.  Just don’t try to convert me.”  And they laughed.  And I laughed.  And here is why I laughed.  They have been behind me and supportive this whole way.  And they aren’t a vegan.  Don’t wanna be.  But they care about me.  They are happy for me.  And they support something that they can see is making a positive change in my life.  And isn’t that the way we all should be?  Stand beside people we care about.  That’s all I am asking.  And hey – there is enough of people being mean nowadays… Let’s just have a little support and friendship.

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