Though She May Be Little…. She is Fierce. She is my Warrior.

So… What an amazingly, perfect weekend.  As you all know, I am a momma of three.  And this past weekend, I had signed up to do the Warrior Dash.  (If you don’t know what that is – It’s an obstacle course/mud run).  Well, Bella – being my little roll dog – said that she would go and cheer me on.  I was so excited to have her with me. 

It was about an hour drive away from the house.  We stopped at Starbucks before we left, got a coffee, and then hit the road.  We laughed, we talked, we sang – and just had a fun drive down.  We arrive at the Warrior Dash.  Now, let me backup – I have done these before.  She has been to different ones – so the event itself was nothing new to her.  I begin to go through the steps – to get checked in, and we meet up with our friends.  Well,  in a small conversation – something amazing happened. 

First, two of my three kids – almost pride themselves on their non-athletic ability.  They are computer/techie kinda kids.  They don’t like sports.  They might watch it on TV – but don’t participate.  I am not that way at all.  I’d rather be outside playing – than stuck inside.  One of the many reasons I am so grateful that I live in Florida now.  But, Bella – is one of those kids.  The non – athletic one.  The one who loves rainy days, cold weather, that’s her. 

One of our friends, asked her if she wanted to do the race.  She said she didn’t have any shoes, and shoes appeared. (My friend had extra – in her size.)  She said she didn’t have any shorts, and guess what?  We had some of those.  She said she didn’t have a shirt to change into.  Well, I bought her one.  So what does she do?  She agrees to do it.

I am not gonna lie.  I was so pumped – but also super scared for her.  Mind you – she states that she isn’t athletic.  And this race is no joke.  But I tried to keep my nervousness at bay – and just prepped myself that if she can’t – at least she tried.  Well, let me tell you.  I could not have been any more wrong. 

This child, this self proclaimed “non-athletic” child, nailed it.  She ran.  And she ran well.  She did every, single obstacle.  She jumped in a cold lake.  She jumped over fire.  She climbed a 20+ foot wall.  And she did it with a smile and grace.  She never complained.  She never wanted to quit.  She made me so proud.  And she taught me a lot that day. 

I think we often think we are incapable of doing things – because someone put a label on us.  Don’t let a label defy you.  If you have the desire.  The drive – you can.  And with all of my positive speaking – my “believe in yourself” mantras – It took my little girl, getting muddy – for me to realize it.

So guess what?  We have another race coming up in April.  We are a team.  A momma/daughter OCR/ Iron ANT Fitness – ATHLETIC TEAM!  We will train and get stronger – and do it together.  I am a super-duper proud momma, of a fierce little warrior.

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