Lessons in Gratitude…

This morning, I woke up – and felt a little off.  Off like in annoyed.  Ya know what I mean.  That annoyed where you just wanna get under your warm blankets and sleep for another 15 minutes (which might escalate to two hours).  So, let’s just say I was a touch cranky.

Then, I swallow.  And I shook my head.  My throat was killing me.  On one side only.  So, I saunter myself into the kitchen, probably feeling sorry for myself, and start to fix some tea.  While the water is boiling, I scroll facebook. There was my reality check.

I have friends who are sooooo sick – not a scratchy throat.  I have friends who have family members who are battling cancer.  I have friends who have lost husbands, fathers, wives, and children – all within the past few weeks.  And here I am, having a pity party for my scratchy throat.

Then, my snapchat streaks and “good morning” texts start going off.  Had a friend with a flat tire.  Another friend who has a child that is puking.  Another friend who is in the process of looking for her nephew. And here I am, having a pity party for my scratchy throat.

I fix my tea.  I walk upstairs.  In my home.  I open my closet, and pick out my clothes.  I take a hot shower.  I put on my makeup.  I kiss my three healthy kids goodbye.  I go to my garage, to my jeep.  A jeep that has gas in it.  I drive to my job.  My job that is amazing.  I hug all my co-workers, because I genuinely love these people.  Yet, there I was having a pity party over a scratchy throat.

Now I am not here to say that we aren’t gonna have bad days – but let’s just put our bad days into perspective. Here is what it boils down to.  I am loved, so much.  And I made to feel loved every day.  My kids are wickedly amazing and healthy. I have a great home.
My job is super cool, super fun, and I love everyone I work with.  I have a roof over my head, a car to drive, and live in an amazing area.

I will Thank God this morning for my scratchy throat and facebook.  Because both gave me a reality check on how absolutely blessed I am.  How God is completely in control.  And how I am humbled by the psycho amount of blessings he has bestowed on me – when I don’t deserve it.

I love you all… and Merry Christmas.  Xoxo

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