Fierce. Focused. And Fabulous.

Good tag line, right? 

I bet ya are like… Woah.  Kristie is back!  I know.. I know… I haven’t posted in 9 months.  Think about that.  That’s the time it takes to have a baby!!!!!!!! I could tell you all the reasons I haven’t posted, but to be honest, I don’t even know what they are myself.  So, I can give you a little update.  It’s 2018, my first post of 2018! But 2018 has been good to me…  I mean, look at the title of the post. 

So, If you all know that chick, introduce me.  Because I am definitely not talking about myself.  But let’s be honest.  Life Goals.  At any given point, I might be one of those things, but not all three.   But I am a whole lot more intelligent that I was in 2017.  Forty has been good to me.  It has been super tough, but super great.  I am finally coming into my own self.  My own confidence.  My own voice. 

This year, I have learned a few things, and that’s why I am writing this blog.  I wanted to share.
1.  If there is something that you don’t like about yourself.  Change it. It might not be easy, but it will be worth it.  If you don’t like your hair, cut it – or grow it out.  If you don’t like that you smoke – quit.  If you don’t like your pants size – do something to change it.  If you don’t like your attitude – check it.
2.  Take control of your self, but when you do that, take others into consideration.  I have seen so many girlfriends lose themselves in a relationship – or lose a great relationship because of themselves.  There is nothing healthy about someone who is always demanding, negative, or threatening in any relationship.  The “you better or I will….” or the “if you love me…” .  It’s too much. And people can only take so much.
3.  If you stay calm, everyone gets calmer.  I swear.  It’s true.  Breathe and stay calm.  Good lessons, especially for work situations.
4.  Take time for yourself.  Do yoga.  Meditate.  Take baths.  Listen to Audiobooks.  All good stuff.
5.  Do something is self help each week.  I don’t know what that is for you – but find it and do it.
6.  Wear yoga pants whenever possible… but be careful wearing them outside the house.
7.  Be okay with telling your significant other/parent/child that you want to see them.  Spend time with them.  Don’t be afraid to show you  care and can be vulnerable.  If they don’t make you a priority – you might need to reevaluate the need. 
8.  A thoughtful text can change your mood.  Completely.
9.  When people love you – they encourage you to step outside your comfort zone.  Don’t get mad at them for it – they see something you don’t.
10.  Eat Guacamole.  It’s a health food.  And delicious.
11.  Get to know what your family and/or significant other’s love language is.  And do it.  If your child’s is gift giving – stop by 7-11 on the way home and get them their favorite candy.  If your s/o is physical touch – kiss them on the lips for more than a peck, or make some time for “sexy time.” 
12.  Don’t keep your compliments in.  Just don’t.  If you love a stranger’s skirt – let em know.  You think your s/o is the most gorgeous person on the planet – let them know. 
13.  This is for Ladies Only.  DO NOT – I REPEAT – DO NOT… EVER ALLOW YOURSELF TO NOT HAVE GIRLS NITE.  Ladies, we need time to bond.  I don’t care if it is GNO – brunch – phone conversations – make your friendships a priority just as much as your romantic relationships.  This goes for married, single, dating – I don’t care.  Cherish your friends and make time for them.  And guys, encourage your ladies to do it. 
14.  Be a good parent.  Make your kids come first.  They will notice it.  For real.  And please, discipline them.  Don’t let them be out of control crazies. 
15.  Be a smart social media user.  Don’t be negative.  Don’t be mean.  Don’t be skanky. 
16.  On the genre of social media.  If someone is rude, negative, makes you feel bad about yourself – block them.  You don’t owe them an explanation, but if they ask.  Tell the truth.  Simple. 
17.  If you don’t know how to do something, get on YouTube.  I guarantee there is a video for that… My fave is Kandee Johnson makeup videos, but… I also learned how to thaw an AC unit.
18.  Last but not least… Be kind and pray.  Make sure you love on people. And let yourself be loved.

And that folks, is a wrap for today.  Lots of  Life lessons.  Even more Gratitude.  Love you guys.  Never sink.  Xoxox

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