How easy it can be…

How easy it can be to remember, but how hard also.  Today, I’m still working on Shaun’s Scrapbook, and I as I’m doing it – I start remembering things.  I remember how he called me “boo” – that’s the one that made me cry.  Frankly, it always annoyed me… “Hey boo..”, “Love you boo”, “What’s wrong, boo?”  I don’t know why it got on my nerves – but I feel so mean now that it did.  I would love to hear him call me that again.  I also remembered his love for boston baked beans.  That made me cry.  I bought him a big box of them at the gas station near my work the day before he died – and he got to eat them. 
There are many things that I have remembered, those just to name a few.  But it seems with every little memory, the hole in my heart gets a little deeper.  I pray you never have to go through this… because it hurts.  It hurts me in the here and now.  Every second, every minute, of every single day.  But I once again  have the assurance that he’s in heaven, and for that, I am thankful.  I know I have said that a million times – but I can’t stress it enough.


  1. My prayers are still with u and ur family..I love this page..these blogs r helps to get things off ur chest..I know Shaun reads them and loves them..he's right there standing over ur shoulder as u type it :)…stay u..god bless ..Naomi


  2. Kristie, My heart weeps for you and your loss! Reading through your thoughts helps put a lot of things in perspective. I love Michael so much and we have faced life and death so I believe I try to keep in mind we don't know if we have the next day. But reading your thoughts just pounds it home even more not to take things for granted, to live each day the best we can and to hold them tighter, longer, and not to let petty things get in the way. Your strength is astounding. I can only imagine the pain in your heart but our God is awesome and I can see the power of our Lord shine through you and your faith. Shaun must have been an amazing man! I have thought and prayed for you every day!


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